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Check out my story and how Thornhill shaped me:

I’m a principled Conservative.

I have fought my entire life for things I don’t see us fighting enough for.

I’m a first generation Canadian, a young female executive and an unrelenting community activist. I was born and raised in Thornhill and I want to continue fighting for you and represent the people honourably like Peter Kent has done over the last 12 years.

Government can’t solve all our problems, but a government that empowers Canadians can help them build a prosperous secure future.

I want to help grow our party by representing a fresh new face in Canada’s Conservative Party. I have worked my entire adult life for the Conservative cause. I was honoured to work with Stephen Harper as we helped to build a government that wasn’t afraid to speak boldly on the world stage, where principles trumped popularity and we knew what we stood for.

I have worked on nearly every Conservative national campaign since 2006 and I have learned what it takes to win. In 2018, I became the youngest female to ever run a winning war room as the Progressive Conservative Party won ridings we had not won for a generation.

I can broaden our base. I can deliver a message. I can win.

I want to bring my experience to Erin O’Toole’s team and help build a winning message that can sweep through the GTA and defeat Justin Trudeau in the next election.

Are you with me?