Andrew Scheer & Leona Alleslev Town Hall Markham Sept 21, 2018

@ThornhillConEDA president Larry Berman asking tough questions To Andrew Scheer and Leona Alleslev at the Sep 21, 2018 Town Hall in Markham. Question: Young Canadians primarily voted Liberal in 2015 and Conservatives lost the youth vote by miles. The environment was a big reason. Most Conservatives care about the environment, Mr. Scheer. It's not good enough to just kill the carbon tax. What will the Conservative party do to meet the Paris Agreement? Answer: Let me be clear, we will kill the carbon tax. We will also use tax incentives for business to cut emissions. We will also encourage more aluminum production in Canada for example. Canada's best smelters emit about 2 tonnes of carbon per tonne of aluminum. China emits 17 tonnes of carbon per tonne of aluminum. The world needs aluminum, making it in Canada, is better for the world than making it in China. The Conservatives will have a detailed plan on the environment in the first half of 2019 says Mr. Sheer.Scheer/Alleslev Town Hall