Conservatives Introduce Law To List The IRGC As a Terrorist Entity

Ottawa, ON – Conservative Shadow Minister for International Development, Garnett Genuis, introduced Bill C-350, the Combatting Torture and Terrorism Act:

Bill C-350 strengthens Canada’s ability to combat torture and terrorism, with a focus on the challenges posed by the Iranian regime. For 5 years, the Liberal government has failed to list the IRGC as a terrorist organization, and this bill would complete that listing and shut down IRGC operations in Canada.

“By empowering victims with enhanced legal opportunities to pursue the Iranian regime and redirect its assets, Conservatives are demonstrating our longstanding commitment to supporting the people of Iran and victims of crime,” said MP Genuis.

This legislation would allow victims of torture and extrajudicial killing, as well as victims of terrorism, to sue designated state sponsors of terror. It also provides protection for those who are victims of conscription into the IRGC, provided that certain conditions are met.

“Conservatives firmly stand with victims of crime, including those affected by IRGC terrorism,” said Genuis. “This bill completes the work where Liberals have failed, delivering support for the Iranian people and justice for victims of terrorism, torture, and extrajudicial killing.”