Budgets Don't Balance Themselves

Elections Canada Says:

The contribution limit in total to all registered associations must not exceed $1,600 for 2019. Min donation for the event is $500 max donation is $1600.

Indirect contributions - "No individual can make a contribution that comes from the money, property or services of another person or entity.

*The food costs for the event will be approximately $75 per person. The donation eligible amount will be about $425, which would generate a tax rebate of about $312.50 for a net cost of the event of $187.50. These are approximate amounts, your final tax receipts may be slightly higher or lower than these amounts. Maximum donations would receive a tax rebate of $625 after cost of food.

Tax Benefit

Federal political contributions are donations that were made to a registered federal political party. You can receive up to 75 percent of your first $400 of donation as credit, followed by 50 percent of any amount between $400 and $750 and 33.5 percent of amounts over $750. The maximum amount of the credit is capped at $650.

Donation            Rebate             Net Donation

$400                   $300                 $100

$750                   $475                 $275

$1275                 $650                 $625

$1600                 $650                 $950                

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