Justin Trudeau failed to deliver the infrastructure he promised to Canadians

The independent Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) confirmed that Justin Trudeau was unable to deliver 40% of the budgeted infrastructure he promised.

In contrast Andrew Scheer will extend the Investing in Canada Plan by an additional three years so that the entire $187-billion program is spent over 15 years instead of 12.

Conservatives worked with the PBO to ensure that our infrastructure plan:

  1. Maintains all projects committed to by the Liberal Government;
  2. Maintains the Gas Tax Fund and Goods and Services Tax rebate to municipalities at the same levels; and
  3. Funds important projects such as:
    • The George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project (British Columbia);
    • The Ontario Line and the Yonge Subway Extension (Ontario); and
    • The third link between Quebec City and Levis (Qu├ębec).