Justin Trudeau is misleading Canadians about the Conservative plan to support health care

Conservatives plan to increase health care transfers to the provinces by at least 3% per year

When it comes to improving Canada’s health care system, Canadians can only trust a Conservative Government led by Prime Minister Andrew Scheer. Justin Trudeau is simply not as advertised.

Under a Conservative government, funding for health care will increase by at least 3% every single year, and we will maintain additional Shared Health Priorities funding for mental health and home care for provinces.

We will make major investments in new medical equipment and introduce a National Autism Strategy. Andrew Scheer is also committed to working with provinces to ensure that Canadians with rare diseases have access to the treatments that they need.

Unfortunately Canadians cannot trust Justin Trudeau. The media have already reported that Justin Trudeau’s health care promises won’t fill the gaps in Canada’s health care system. What’s worse Trudeau’s reckless deficits will force him to cut health care spending. In fact, in the 1990s, Liberals cut health care spending by nearly 40%, cuts Trudeau said he supported.

Given that Trudeau has historically supported deep health care cuts, it’s no surprise that he cut health care for our brave military heroes.

Unlike Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer has a real plan, a plan that helps you get ahead.