Thornhill Conservative EDA

...And Justice for All... A discussion of Ethics & Corruption with Peter Kent & Peter McKay & Ed Prutschi

With the SNC-Lavalin scandal showing no signs of abating, the Thornhill Conservative EDA brings you a unique opportunity to attend a fireside chat with three personalities who will dissect every aspect of the ongoing controversy.

What does the scandal mean for the Rule of Law in Canada?

What are the legal, ethical and political implications with an election less than six months away?

And most importantly, what might come next?

Join former Attorney General, Peter McKay, Conservative Shadow Minister for Ethics, Peter Kent, and lawyer and legal analyst, Edward Prutschi, as they answer all these questions and more.

Host: Ed Prutschi

Desert and refreshments will be served.


146 Markwood Ln
Vaughan, ON L4J 7K6

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